Laser Dentist Gum Treatment in Largo, FL

Largo FL Member of the ALDWith our 980 Diode laser, Dr. Divito, Largo FL Laser Dentist, is able to perform the following techniques. Laser dentistry is much more comfortable than traditional techniques and tend to be more effective as lasers sterilize the area at the same time the dental work is done.

Faster Relief for painful mouth sores:

Do you have frequent mouth sores (canker sores or cold sores) that are painful? Now we can use biostimulation to provide relief of pain and faster healing! The laser is gently waved over the sore like a flash light and does not contact the lesion. This makes it feel more comfortable within minutes! Biostimulation means that the laser also brings in the bodies own naturally healing cells by stimulating blood flow in the area.

Minor Gum Procedures with Lasers:

Since recent studies show that lasers can reduce the bacteria in a diseased gum pocket by up to 97% and increase the blood flow to the area for better healing, we now use the laser after a deep cleaning appointment to encourage the best possible healing to help manage chronic gum disease (periodontal disease.) Other studies have shown that it is possible to grow bone because the laser can stimulate the bone building cells to produce more bone. Ongoing research in this area is very promising and exciting!

TMJ Pain Relief with Lasers:

This is a multi-factorial problem which can arise from clenching and grinding habits. Often the source of the grinding could be a bite interference. When the bite interference is detected, it can often be adjusted for a more comfortable and stable bite. Sometimes, when there is a clenching habit, a custom nightguard is made to act as a shock absorber that transfers the biting stress to the nightguard helping to prevent cracked and worn teeth. (Read more on TMJ Treatment...)

We now use biostimulation with the laser to help momentarily relieve TMJ (jaw joint) pain. The laser is gently waved over the joint area like a flash light for a minute or two.This makes the jaw feel more comfortable within minutes! Biostimulation means that the laser also brings in the body’s own naturally healing cells by stimulating blood flow in the area and patients have the perception that the muscles are more relaxed. In addition the laser helps the body to block inflammation.

Frenectomy Laser Treatment

The laser can be used to release frenum pull. A frenum is a fibrous band of tissue that connects to the gum tissue. When the frenum is excessive it can cause permanent separation of the two front teeth or it may cause unsightly gum recession. When there is a short frenum under the tongue, this is what is called being tongue tied. Many of these problems can be taken care of without surgical cutting and there is no need for stitches when a laser is used!

Uneven gum line

Sometimes the front teeth have unsightly uneven gums. In simple cases, the gum tissue can be reshaped with a laser. More complex cases require the skill of a periodontist to re-contour both the gum and underlying bone.

Biostimulation ( Low Level Laser Therapy):

Biostimulation means that the laser can stimulate anti -inflammatory properties in the area by preventing the release of histamines and prostaglandins. This result promotes wound healing and decreases pain from inflammation. Biostimulation can increase the blood flow and circulation to the treated area which also promotes healing. This is often used to treat mouth sores and jaw pain. (See above)